County Executive Committee (CEC)

Elected every even numbered year at the County Convention in March, the County Executive Committee ensures that the business of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County Texas occurs. Elected by the Voting Members of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County, these officers execute the Mission of the County Party as outlined in the County By-laws. Some of their goals include, but are not limited to; fundraising, community outreach, candidate development, candidate support, legislative initiatives, party growth and education.

Sean Baker, County Executive Committee Chairman

Sean Baker

  • Facilitate Precinct and County conventions in each even numbered year as prescribed by the Texas Election Code
  • Preside over all LP Montgomery meetings
  • Oversee all LP Montgomery activities
  • Perform duties as necessary to maintain LP Montgomery legal status as a political party
  • Execute the duties of any other officer positions if those positions are vacant
  • Administer any other duties as assigned by LPTexas and these by-laws.

Vice Chairman
Scott Peterson, County Executive Committee Vice Chair

Scott Peterson

  • Assist the Chair
  • Perform the duties of the Chair when the Chair is absent

Cassandra Hruzek, County Executive Committee Secretary

Cassandra Hruzek

  • Take minutes at all official LP Montgomery business meetings
  • Provide meeting minutes to other county officers in a timely manner
  • Maintain a list of LP Montgomery Voting Membership

Treasurer/ Communications Officer
Nathan Moxley, County Executive Committee Treasurer/ Communications Officer

Nathan Moxley

  • Maintain Social Media accounts
  • Update the County website with important information
  • Provide documents and records as requested
  • Email members about upcoming business and social events

Member At-Large
Eric Tanner, County Executive Committee At-Large

Eric Tanner

Former Chairs for the Libertarian Party of Texas include:

Eric Tanner

Tim Dove

Ken Gaillot

Scott Gordon

GIl Guillory | Candidate, U.S. Congress, Texas, 8th District, 2002

Ron Hard

Floyd Majors

Thomas Rush

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