If Americans want to give money to the government for one reason or another, they should be free to do so. If Americans prefer to spend their money on other things, then they should be free to do that also.

The Economy

Libertarians believe that all people have the right to freely offer goods and services on the market and that free-market approaches are the most effective at improving people’s lives.

Civil Liberties

Libertarians believe that the equal rights of all people matter all the time. No exceptions.

Crime and Justice

Libertarians believe that the existing justice system is seriously flawed.


Libertarians advocate for a free market in education in which parents, teachers, and students, not the government, would make their own choices.

Foreign Policy

Libertarians seek a United States at peace with the world.


Libertarians believe that healthcare prices would decrease and quality and availability would increase if healthcare was freed from government meddling and control.

Gun Ownership

Libertarians believe that every person has the right to arm themselves in self-defense.

War on Drugs

Libertarians believe that the War on Drugs is ineffective, unfair, and immoral. We advocate ending it.


Libertarians believe that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States.