Libertarian Party of Montgomery County, TX

This page is to promote the Montgomery County Libertarian Party, its candidates and those candidates of the Texas and National Libertarian Parties as well as Libertarian supporting candidates running for non-partisan positions in Montgomery County. It is for announcements, current event notifications, and public outreach. We welcome all Libertarian minded people and candidates from other counties to join us on topics of interest to the Montgomery County Libertarian Party.

“The real bosses, in the capitalist system of market economy, are the consumers. They, by their buying and by their abstention from buying, decide who should own the capital and run the plants. They determine what should be produced and in what quantity and quality. Their attitudes result either in profit or in loss for the enterpriser. They make poor men rich and rich men poor. They are no easy bosses. They are full of whims and fancies, changeable and unpredictable. They do not care a whit for past merit. As soon as something is offered to them that they like better or that is cheaper, they desert their old purveyors. With them nothing counts more than their own satisfaction. They bother neither about the vested interests of capitalists nor about the fate of the workers who lose their jobs if as consumers they no longer buy what they used to buy..”

~Ludwig von Mises


Municipal Election

May 1st, 2021

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Interested in running for office? Contact for information on available offices in your area and requirements/ expectations for all Libertarian candidates.





Featured Articles

We will be compiling news and information from across the County, specifically as it relates to the Libertarian Party of Texas and Montgomery County. Many of these articles will link back to the original source.