This year, the Lone Star State will have the great honor of hosting the Presidential election night watch party for the Libertarian candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgensen. The party will begin at 8 PM at the Tower Club, 1601 Elm St. 48th Floor, Dallas, TX 75201. There will be a VIP Dinner for those purchasing VIP tickets beginning at 6PM. Reception only tickets are as little as $50. This will be an amazing night and opportunity to meet with and interact with those who have worked together to make this campaign a success. Hors D’ouevres and a complimentary drink ticket will be included with all tickets purchased.

Texas has the second most Electoral College votes, representing 38 of the 538 total Electoral votes. 270 votes are needed to win the Presidency. Whichever candidate earns the most votes in Texas, will receive all 38 electoral votes. To date, the Libertarian Party has yet to receive an electoral vote. However, with Maine and Nebraska allocating electoral votes by Congressional Districts and now having Ranked Choice Voting in Maine, the 2020 election could produce some very interesting outcomes! Dr. Jo Jorgensen and her Vice Presidential running mate, Spike Cohen will be on the ballot in all 50 States plus Washington DC. While it is unlikely that she will earn 270 electoral votes, there are still some huge implications for the Libertarian Party based on this years performance. First, by earning 5% of the popular vote, the Libertarian Party will be eligible to receive the Federal Matching Campaign Funds, currently only available to Republicans and Democrats. Secondly, ballot access laws vary by State, but in many States 5% would mean additional years of not needing to meet the rigorous restrictions currently in place for getting on a States ballot, saving future campaigns time and money.

Regardless of the outcome of this election. This event will surely be a cause for celebration for the hundreds of candidates, volunteers and supporters who have worked hard to position the Libertarian Party for success up and down the ballot! We would love it if you could join us on election night and share in our celebration and look forward to spreading the cause of Liberty in Texas!

For more information on the election night event or to purchase tickets, please go to the eventbrite link below:

Lastly, here is an up to date, comprehensive list of all Libertarians running for elected office JUST in the State of Texas!

  • TX, Andrew Jewell, Dallas County Commissioner, Pct. 3
  • TX, Andrew Johnson, Andrews City Council
  • TX, Anthony Cristo, U.S. Congressional District 34
  • TX, Arthur DiBianca, U.S. Congressional District 21
  • TX, Arthur Thomas, State Representative 119
  • TX, Audra Berry, State Board of Education, District 8
  • TX, Bekah Congdon, U.S. Congressional District 28
  • TX, Beto Villela, U.S. Congressional District 23
  • TX, Bill Kelsey, U.S. Congressional District 25, Texas
  • TX, Bret Bolton, State Representative District 105
  • TX, Brian Elliott, State Representative, District 136
  • TX, Brian P. Leonard, Texas State Board of Education District 8
  • TX, Cameron Brock, Texas Senate District 4
  • TX, Chad Abbey, U.S. Congressional District 36
  • TX, Chris Duncan, U.S. Congressional District 8
  • TX, Christopher J. Claytor, U.S. Congressional District 3
  • TX, Christy Peterson-Mowrey, U.S. Representative Dist. 32
  • TX, Clark Patterson, U.S. Congressional District 31
  • TX, Clyde Garland, Brazos County Sheriff
  • TX, Darren Hamilton, U.S. Representative District 24
  • TX, David Marino, Texas State Senate District 29
  • TX, Dick Llyes, State Representative, District 24
  • TX, Ed Kless, State Representative, District 89
  • TX, Ed Rankin, State Representative, District 108
  • TX, Elliott Scheirman, Texas Congressional District 2
  • TX, Eric Velasquez, State Representative, District 118
  • TX, Erica Lockwood, Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector
  • TX, Ivan Foster, Comal County Commissioner, Pct. 1
  • TX, J.K. Stephenson, State Representative, District 61
  • TX, Jack B. Westbrook, U.S. Representative, District 13
  • TX, James Harren, State Representative, District 133
  • TX, Jared Wissel, Texas State Senate District 11
  • TX, Jason Reeves, U.S. Congressional District 33
  • TX, Jeffrey Blunt, U.S. Representative, District 20
  • TX, Jesse Herrera, State Representative, District 150
  • TX, Jessica Pallett, State Representative, District 94
  • TX, JJ Campbell, State Representative, District 146
  • TX, JoAnne Valdivia, Texas State Senate District 19
  • TX, Joe Burnes, U.S. Congressional District 19
  • TX, Jose R. Sosa, U.S. Congressional District 9
  • TX, Joseph LeBlanc Jr., U.S. Congressional District 22
  • TX, Julian MarDock, State Representative, District 44
  • TX, Kenneth Moore, State Representative, District 49
  • TX, Kerry McKennon, US Senate
  • TX, Kevin Hale, U.S. Congressional District 5
  • TX, Laura Antoniou, Texas Congressional District 2
  • TX, Lee Sharp, State Representative, District 137
  • TX, Lou Antonelli, U.S. Representative, District 4
  • TX, Luke Spencer, U.S. Congressional District TX 18
  • TX, Mark Ash, Supreme Court, Place 1
  • TX, Mark Boler, U.S. Congressional District 26
  • TX, Mark Savino, State Representative, District 10
  • TX, Matthew Sterett, Railroad Commissioner
  • TX, Melanie A. Black, U.S. Congressional District 6
  • TX, Michael Clark, State Representative, District 47
  • TX, Michael Miller, State Representative, District 85
  • TX, Neko Antoniou, State Representative, District 127
  • TX, Nelson Range, State Representative, District 96
  • TX, Nicole Sprabary, State Representative, District 4
  • TX, Paul Bilyeu, State Representative 135
  • TX, Phil Gray, U.S. Congressional District 27
  • TX, Phil Kurtz, U.S. Congressional District 29
  • TX, R. Edwin Adams, State Representative, District 8
  • TX, R. Grizzle Trojacek, State Representative, District 139
  • TX, Rhett Smith, Bexar County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2
  • TX, Rod Wingo, State Representative, District 97
  • TX, Ross Lynn Leone, U.S. Congressional District 15
  • TX, Roy Eriksen, U.S. Representative, District 10
  • TX, Russell E. Hess, Parker County Sheriff
  • TX, Shane D. Newsom, State Representative, District 112
  • TX, Shawn Huckabay, State Representative, District 120
  • TX, Shawn Jones, State Rep. District 66
  • TX, Shawn Kelly, U.S. Congressional District 7
  • TX, Stephanie Berlin, Texas State Board of Education District 5
  • TX, Steven Broussard, Jefferson County Sheriff
  • TX, Ted Brown, U.S. Congressional District 17
  • TX, Timothy Duffield, Texas State Senate District 6
  • TX, Tom Oxford, Texas Supreme Court, Place 8
  • TX, Tony Quinones, State Representative, District 117
  • TX, Tony Valdivia, State Representative, District 125
  • TX, Trey Holcomb, US Congress, TX-12
  • TX, Trip Seibold, Texas State Board of Education District 10
  • TX, Wacey Alpha Cody, U.S. Representative, District 11
  • TX, Warren Funk, Kerr County Sheriff
  • TX, Whitney Bilyeu, Texas State Board of Education District 6
  • TX, William Strange III, Texas Supreme Court, Place 7

If you aren’t already a part of the movement here in Texas and would like to join us as we promote individualism and liberty in our State and across the country, join us a www.lptexas.org. Additionally, if you are in Montgomery County and want to join us please get on our mailing list HERE for future updates. And of COURSE we are social. Follow us on any of the social media platforms below!


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