Saturday Mar. 12 @ 3PM

We will meet at Office Evolution (located in the Marcel Town Center next to Citizen’s Grill). 525 Woodland Square Blvd #250, Conroe, TX 77384 We will be in the Large Conference Room.

County Convention Agenda:

  • Nomination of candadites for public office
  • Nominations/elections of County Executive Committee for 2022-2024
  • Nominations/elections of District Convention delegates
  • Nominations/elections of State Convention delegates
  • Adoption/modifications to County Bylaws
  • Any other busines

*If you wish to be a delegate to district and/or state conventions, you MUST participate in Precinct and County Conventions. Moreover, you must NOT vote in the March 1 primary as that would nullify your eligibility to participate in our conventions.


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